Learn Geography

This is still one of the funniest things on the planet to laugh at… a persons inability to know where on earth they are located or the presence of anyone/ anything else on earth. We all had maps in the classroom and where taught all the continents, our own countries layout and neighboring countries. Maps, globes and charts are in abundance around us daily yet there are those still among us that really have no clue as the there location on earth. Here is a few examples that I have come across recently.  CNN Host Anderson Cooper was asked to point out Indiana on a map [home to Notre Dame University] he didn’t know and said bluntly that he is not good with geography. Unbelievable. But, wait it happens in Canada as well. I was asked what diet I prefer [ first of all, who cares what diet anyone is on] and I responded with Mediterranean … a blank stare came over her face, so I repeated Mediterranean … do you know what the Mediterranean is ? Holy Smoly. TMZ the pop culture show on the tube you know the one. One youthful californian brunette was trying to pronounce New Delhi. The host stared at her like she was from outer space …. no just america.


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One Response to Learn Geography

  1. That inability must also be highly developed in where I am right now – Hong Kong. I’m with you on this – sometimes the mind boggles at these people. I have actually met people (more than a few) who can’t place the USA on the map. Heaven help us.

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