Maple Syrup

Growing up in Alberta meant summer holidays to the cabin,  campsite, a National Park or the infamous road trip to the West Coast relatives. It’s about a 12 hours drive (legally) to the left coast of Canada, however you will hear of those folks whom manage the drive in less (not). Roads are busier today than ever with far to many visual stops along the way to enable a shorten trip. Trucks and Cars delivery better gas mileage then ever before, allowing fewer stops. Fuel stops today are based on the washroom breaks, our washroom breaks were based on the fuel stops. I had to drink something whether I was thirsty or not just to take advantage of the fuel stop. The rewards are many once you arrive in the Beauty of Super Natural British Columbia – Mt. Robson, Clearwater, the Okanagan, Frazer Valley, Gulf Islands and of course the Ferry. I was delighted this weekend with a tasty souvenir treat from Granville Island – in the heart of Vancouver. The Maple Syrup boutique – beside the Wine Boutique of course – serves up a delicious single press variety (L.B. Maple Treat – Quebec’s Finest) that is as smooth as 25 year old scotch. I like when family and friends return from B.C.  I can’t wait until someone returns from Scotland. Pancakes Anyone ?


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