Computer Illiterate

What is the deal with people not knowing anything about the internet.  What little information they know is the negative propaganda spread through word of mouth or other media sources.  The northern community that I live in is riddled with out of touch people whom have no idea on how to turn on a computer.  It’s 2010 folks – if you don’t know your way around a computer I have to question your future.  If you are in your retirement years then shuffling off the development of the modern world for the next 20 years is certainly going to make you feel lonelier.  Most retirement folks I know are using the internet to connect with siblings and relatives around the world.  This new retirement provides the time to travel and connect with family members.  The mobile traveler can use the internet to stay connected and informed of their next location.  GPS provides the directions and safety of your current location.  Lets not forget the people with disabilities whose world has completely changed thanks to the internet and computers. Get off the cell phone fad, buy a smart phone and learn how to type and surf. Texting is for school kids.  What’s really sad is the young folk whom for some reason or other refuse to evolve and try to find a career path that doesn’t involve computers.  If you are in your mid-twenties and are computer illiterate, wait 10 years and your life will be really messed up when you try to scramble to keep up with everybody else. Moving away from city centers to seek a rural lifestyle will not allow you to escape technology.  The further away one lives from urban life, the more dependent they are with technology.  The world of education and medicine has drastically improved the lives of remote communities.  So, consider yourself lucky if today your life can exist without technology, but your life is going to be considerable more difficult if you virtually don’t check-in with reality.


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One Response to Computer Illiterate

  1. billbirnbaum says:

    When I was a boy, my grandmother told me that she was able to “travel the world” through reading books about various countries.” Seems to me that, via the Internet, we do the same. A virtual trip around the world. Bill

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