Cycling the Old Neighborhood

Thinking about cycling while Skiing.

The wonderful thing about traveling is the knowledge received from viewing life in another perspective. This time it is atop a mountain looking around. I wish it were Europe this week, but maybe later.

So, here I am sitting on the chairlift and reflecting on re-discovering the neighborhood where I grew up .  My country is perpetually perched on top the list of First World Nations. The province I reside is divided down the middle. North and South has it’s distinctions. Climate, People and Industry are noticeably different when traveling in either direction.  It just so happens my old neighborhood is the one operating a little behind the current trends of today. It is a constant reminder of the need to travel, exercise and get that good education.

Anyone who has traveled to a resort town or anywhere in Europe will be familiar with vehicle free  zones – walk, bike, ski, horse or electric transit. We all know that you certainly don’t drive in any major city of the world because of parking and traffic. Where I live the locals are often spotted driving for every routine errand  – fat kid in the back seat – you know the picture. Thank goodness you don’t see these folks at the resorts. Keeping in mind the words – walk, bike, hike, ski, skate are not in their vocabulary. Which is why you must travel for a different perspective on your life.

My generation grew up without internet, cell phones, cable, satellite TV, computers… heck we didn’t even go to the moon yet. We kept current on world affairs through school, newspapers, and the library. We also, rode our bike, walked and used public transit to get to and from school and work. The parents car was a weekend tool, used to transport us to relatives, the cabin or to a National Park.  The car wasn’t a necessity. It was a luxury. You would walk anywhere within a mile radius of your home.  We took the bus to the local ski hill and golf course. The daily newspaper was delivered by us kids on foot or bike. In -30 you walked to your piano lessons, hockey game or friends house and picked-up some groceries for mom on the way home. We also didn’t have to re-cycle anything because nothing was made of synthetics.  Wash, rinse, re-use and/or repair was the method around the house. We certainly weren’t concerned with diet and fitness because it was a part of our upbringing. Diet centers and empty fitness gyms were not on every corner. Life was an exercise.

Probably the most glaring observation I have noticed around the old neighborhood is the ability to be employed without a high school education. The misplaced ideology of doing a primary task and being rewarded numerically essentially initiates the delusional life goals of these people.  Our parents reminded us of the importance of a good education. The High School discussion was whether you were going to Trade School, College or University.  Some of us took the year or so off to travel prior to locking into your next educational goals. Either way we finished what we set out to accomplish educationally.

Daily we are reminded of an unexpected parenthood or social conflict that impeded the life curve. Yet, to counter that thought we also hear and read daily about those whom have beat the odds through travel, exercise and education.

The strong minded uses their weaknesses as their strength. The weak mind, using their strength is their weakness. Finding a way to improve yourself helps to improve ourselves. Those most affected can be the result of an untimely breeding. Offspring of any sorts requires an intelligent support system. Society relies on parents to bring the next generation up to standards. Parents hope society will help encourage this generation. Hopefully, the standards are higher than what the past generation were able to meet.

I do enjoy the cycle around the old neighborhood and the familiar sightings. It’s just that everywhere else I have been recently, has improved immensely over the years and I would like to see the same in my old neighborhood. Is that too much to ask.

Ask someone in a third world if they would like their child to go to school.
Ask someone in a third world if they would like health care.
Ask someone in a third world if they would like clean drinking water.

Ask someone in a developing nation if they would like to walk or cycle around the neighborhood.
Ask someone in a developing nation if they would like internet access.

Ask someone in a first world if they would like a stable banking system.

Ask someone around here – they don’t care.

Perhaps we should re-cycle the old neighborhood.


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