Stay Awhile

[life’s trio] part 3 of 3


Re-location – I wrote something about this topic a few months back. As a creative type and for those creatives whom are reading this – a re-location can do you good. I don’t want to write about the usual reasons to re-locate – family, health, children, work, school … I will write about something else.

One thing I have found out about myself is the ability to connect with similar mindsets. Other folks whom have had similar life experiences. It is much easier to talk to these folks then – well, anybody else. Talk about the neighborhood, the weather, seasons, local hang-outs or just weird sights and sounds. Try doing this with a friend or family member. They may listen politely for a while – really they don’t care. Your Parents or Spouse would be interested – but that’s it. Ever look a someone’s photos – the only people interested are those who have been there. Why am I looking at you and girlfriend visiting the Taj Mahal – I want to do that.

Micro-relocation – how’s ’bout those apples. Inventing words for you, folks. If for any particular reason you happen to be living in a ‘so-so’ environment that really isn’t your ‘cup-of-tea’ – learn to mirco-relocate. I learned this technique from several people older than me who were very good at giving advice. In fact I would always ask these few individuals on many issues in life. Everyone should generate a mentor list – a mentor for each of your life’s issues. [I discuss this in another posting] Meanwhile, find your little place.

‘My little place’ – I loved that phrase. I wrote about my little place the other night when surrounded my a bunch of peculiar energy sources. Dead pan eyes staring at you. Waiting for someone to crack a joke and have an explosion of laughter – nothing. No, common interest or past experiences to reflect on.  So, I choose to spin that weirdness into writing about life experiences from ‘my little place’. Every time I write something down – it’s outta my mind. ‘My little place’ therapy sessions.

A creative person feels the energy of the environment they are in. I can walk into a room and feel the energy sucking vampires, negative-nellys, dazed and confused and the voids. I just did it the other night. I can also feel a supercharged atmosphere. Funny thing is that I am more compelled to write amongst drama then pleasantries. Weird eh? I tell you more later.

Some times the re-location is out of your hands and you just have to deal with it until controlling factors allow you. I had to work in odd places. I went school in odd places. I did it because I had to. But, I also knew it wasn’t permanent. I would consider another re-location – It would be nice if it was my last re-location. I also must re-think about ‘my little place’. Maybe all I have to do is change ‘my little place’ and stay awhile.

My Life’s Little Trio …


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