my Fitness discovery

enduring what life hands out …

so, here i am growing up with new discoveries everyday. of course the side plate of physical illness certainly adds spice to my life. growing up when your illness wasn’t really understood. an illness that could end your life if placed in the wrong circumstances. illness that can lead to mental issues or what if’s and how’s and why’s. as i take a deep breath and realize how precious life can be. a breathe of fresh air they say.

i don’t think people have a true understanding of what it’s like have your airways restricted or worse closed. i do. you start to suffocate within yourself. then mental side starts the panic button and everything starts to go downhill. of course you can’t tell anybody what the problem is, because you can’t speak. in fact you can’t even get up to walk and touch anybody. you are coming to terms with your termination, alone. it’s pretty f**king scary, people.

i was lucky that they never found a chemical treatment for asthma and allergies when i grew up. maybe they did have something to lessen the affects. but, why would you even want to be effected. so, my life changed when i found a self cure-all for these issues. fitness, altitude and endurance.

i am always delighted in the discovery of new media socialites who themselves are discovering the various fitness methods i practice for purpose of survival. at about 16 years of age i discovered endurance as a sport. much to my delight i became a competitor. triathlons, duathlons, marathons, road & mountain biking at altitude, rock & mountain climbing … today these sports are marketed very well and are included on most peoples bucket list.

after years of competing in what were considered fringe sports i became active in establishing these sports as how we know them today. i organized many endurance sport races and several multi-discipline series. the athletes that have founded many of these sports also, participated in events that i worked on. names of these athletes are on the wall of fame and some are on the walls of nike buildings in beaverton, oregon.

i decided to take everything to the next level and started participating in various sports that make up the x-games and have now being accepted as olympic sports with their own venues. quite proud of what has happened in the sporting community. social media has helped establish these sports into recreational pastimes. fitness is now a industry. yoga is mainstream. retail stores that only sell running shoes. a worldwide business based on the shoe, who knew.


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