slowly Getting faster

while getting up to speed …

when i was a youngster, sport was all about speed and strength. agility, balance and coordination wasn’t the high on the list. hockey, football, baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer all require foot speed and strength.

soccer at a higher level than what i play at was more about speed and stamina. as usual, everything in my life was about starting slow and getting faster. if i stuck with soccer longer i probably would of excelled. speed and stamina became my strength as i aged.

while i playing collegiate hockey, the team mates always commented on how i never looked tired. it was like i never broke into a sweat. i learn to skate fluidly and learned to play wear the puck was going to be rather than chase after it tirelessly. scored lots of goals that way.

i always enjoyed winter sports. skiing recreationally was tremendous fun. but, alpine racing was more fun. cross-country skating is a blast. skating has always been a delight. of course in this country skating and hockey are all season long. skiing demands winter & snow. alpine skiing is always best done in the alpine regions. essentially winter sports are very expensive.

i learn to swim as a kid, and would always run home from school in the rain or cold snowy days. the bright sunny days i would ride my bike. [still have all my bikes] i was sure fascinated by that annual event in hawaii. swim, bike and run. i could do that. i do that everyday. a fun race i thought.

i bought a new road bike while working part-time at a bike shop. bought some new swim gear and a pair of sneakers from a guys living room business [the running room]. i think he has about 200 stores worldwide. i always feel like i helped him. nike waffle trainers. white with teal green check mark. orange soles. i was ready.

with nowhere to learn more about the multi-sport endurance racing, i had to sort things out myself. in fact there was no where to race locally. i entered a couple local bike races and fared okay. try my hand sorry feet at running and fared okay. there was zero racing for swimming unless you were on some olympic team. swim laps is boring. especially for a creative guy like me. i just had to wait my turn. slowly getting faster was way off.



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