Three Bike Treks and a Stack of Belgium Waffles (or screaming legs and killer views)

like this story. photos are excellent. well done.

Cretan Chronicles

March 12, 2012 email:  “OK road warriors, I have 6 people who have confirmed riding up to Omalos this Saturday.  Jenn, Gio, Jimmy, Mel, Cameron, Andy and myself.  Lets plan on 10:00 at Alikianos, 8:30 for waffles at my house, if you are interested.  As you are painfully aware, this winter has been horrible, however, this Saturday looks to be full sun, high in the 50’s (10 degrees C) when we start.  Let me know if your status changes.  See you on Saturday!  Rider of the Cretan Mountains,  Richard”  

Richard commutes to work everyday, rain or shine, so his legs were ready for “The Ride”. However, some of us needed some warm-up runs before the big one.  So, last month a few of us set off to test our bike legs on a couple of weekend excursions around the Akrotiri neighborhood – Signal Mountain and Gouverneto.


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