Nashbar Deluxe Tool Kit

great kit. from a bike mechanic point of view that is an excellent price.

All Seasons Cyclist

There are many simple repairs you can make to your bike with just a set of hex keys (also known as Allen keys or Allen wrenches). However, once you get past replacing or repairing your brakes and derailleurs you are going to need a few more “cycling specific” tools. You could buy the tools you need one at a time, but you will save a lot of money if you just buy a good bicycle tool kit to begin with. Bike repair tool kits come in all price ranges, but I think the best buy on the market is the Nashbar Deluxe Tool Kit.

The Nashbar Deluxe Tool Kit is a nice collection of bike tools and they all easily fit in the included tool box. The collection includes the following tools: Cassette lockring remover, Cartridge Bottom Bracket tool, Chain rivet extractor for UG/HG/IG, Cable cutter, Three spoke wrenches…

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