The Waikato River trail – New Zealand

what a fabulous ride.

Love thy bike

Peering over the giant concrete block and holding onto the strong pylons I nervously look down upon the dizzying heights of the Arapuni swing bridge below.

I feel like I am about to have an Indiana Jones moment!

I have joined my sister and her family on a weekend visit to the Waikato region. The plan is to cycle the Arapuni section of the newly opened Waikato River Trail and the Arapuni swing bridge is certainly a highlight.

Resting our bicycles on the ground we test our nerves and attempt the walk over the swing bridge. The lush bush below surrounds the turquoise flow of the river. The water is busy rushing past the grand historic 1920’s power station. My niece and nephew jump up and down on the bridge making it move and sway. I stop looking at the view finding myself grab onto the rail to steady…

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