Bike Adventure in Tanzania from Kilamanjaro to the Indian Ocean

i would love this ride.


So guys what are you doing between the 8th to the 19th June? Imagine a 400 mile cycle trek in Tanzania from the base of Kilimanjaro journeying to the Indian Ocean and raising some money for charity at the same time.

Ride Tanzania is a riding experience that combines adventure, athletic challenge, philanthropy and travel.

Tanzania is a stunning country, and traveling by bicycle from Kili to the coast you see breathtaking scenery, not to mention that many of the villages are so remote that they have never before had Westerners pass through.

This could be THE ride of your life.

Ride Tanzania is hosted by and benefits The Foundation For Tomorrow, a nonprofit organisation that works with orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania. In Tanzania most orphanages do not have the capacity or resources to support children older than five years old. With their fifth birthday children who have not…

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2 Responses to Bike Adventure in Tanzania from Kilamanjaro to the Indian Ocean

  1. Andrew – I saw your comment on Matt’s blog..if you’re truly interested give me a shout..we have a few more spots and we would love more to join us..check out shots from our photographer Kaitlin Rogers from RIDETZ 2010 – truly shows off the adventure well

    • dfmw says:

      i can’t this time. but, i have bookmarked your foundation. bike trips like these are what i looked for. busy with business start-up now. thank you very much for offer.

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