Cane Creek Thudbuster Short Travel Seatpost

i’ll have to try this

All Seasons Cyclist

I’ve ridden hardtail mountain bikes for ten years and have gotten used to bumpy rides on off-road trails. However, after spending a lot of time this past winter on my Surly Necromancer Pugsley I got spoiled by the smooth ride it gives (4″ wide tires with low tire pressure make for an incredibly smooth ride). Two weeks ago I rode a really rough trail with my Gary Fisher Big Sur 26″ hardtail mountain bike and as soon as I got home I started looking for some way to get a smoother ride. After a few hours of research I decided the Cane Creek Thudbuster Short Travel Seatpost would provide the relief I was looking for—and after my first ride with it I know I had made the right choice.

Many mountain bikes come with a telescoping suspension seatpost and when you hit a bump the saddle moves up and down—you…

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