Cycling Across Canada: Back on Track

i always enjoy cycling touring. distance is huge in canada. the elements can tasking. very nice read.

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Cycling across Canada remains one of my proudest accomplishments, and I am happy to be back on track, sharing the experiences of my Trans Canada journey.

When I left off, I had travelled across the magnificent Rockies, hiked and relaxed in Banff and Lake Louise, and head out for a few days of fun in Calgary.  It was surprising that I had met so few cyclists doing the same trans Canada journey – after all, I had read that close to 1,000 cyclists do it every year, and the best way to cycle across Canada was from the West to the East – the prevailing winds would be in your favour, making for a better trip!

Had a great time in Calgary, but time to get back on track – hit the road – the East coast wasn’t getting any closer with trips to the zoo and nights…

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