Bear spotting in Jasper National Park

a beautiful place i have written about, visited, explored, canoed, golfed, camped, hiked … a wonderland

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Town’s mascot Jasper the Bear comes to life


We didn’t have to go into the woods to see a bear on this trip to Jasper. It ambled out to greet us as we slowed down to pass through the east entrance  of the National Park gate.

Not 50 metres ahead on our left something big and black was emerging out of the ditch. We braked as the black bear paused to look right, then right at us, and then left before bounding behind our car in heavy, loping strides across the undivided highway. It stopped on the other side–to catch its breath no doubt–then glanced back at us before lumbering into the forest for berries.

Normally my camera is within reach whenever I go to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but it was nearly 9:30 at night and I just assumed the park’s most photographed wildlife were tucked in for the night. How…

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