Images of Norway: A Cyclist’s Dream

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As I write this blog I’m on the ferry crossing The Baltic Sea from Umea to Vaasa. It’s been a wild and adventurous month in Norway, full of stunning beauty and spectacular nature. With nearly 2000km ridden in Norway (a third of my total distance), I hope I’ve captured the host of experiences with the following photographic collection. From the mountains and fjords to The Arctic Circle, Norway became my cycling dreamland!

Mountain Roads

In one week I rode five mountain passes, including the famous Sognefjellet mountain pass. At 1434 metres above sea level (and of course you start at the fjords water’s edge so you feel each metre on the saddle), it is the highest road in all of Northern Europe. Most of these roads are only opened seasonally, and I was really lucky to arrive at some passes that had only been completely cleared of snow on the…

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