The Carrizo Badlands Mud Caves in Arroyo Tapiado

great post. looks like fun

The Traveling Gypsy

In order to be, you must do. All great things start from that one denture, that one dream, that one idea, that one step. To adventure is to find yourself whole. To adventure is to have a story at the end of al of this. The places you see, the things you make and the people you meet will fuel you forever. Choose to see beauty where others see none. Strive for greatness always. We want to inspire others to do more. To be more. To feel good, get lost and explore always!

The temperatures in California are hitting triple digits out in the desert and Rachel, Rawley, Mike and I decided to embrace the heat and take a day trip to explore the mud caves in Arroyo Tapiado. Several hours away from San Clemente we found ourselves wedging ourselves into the tiny slot canyons and various caves around the southern part of the 

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