Ski Jackets in the Summer

the scenery from above always tells a different story. thanks for posting


The forecast predicted highs in the mid 90s, but I threw my heavy gore-tex ski jacket in the car, just in case. My dad and I did a quick check ensuring that everything was packed. Even though we had a 30 mile drive, the morning cool had not burned off when we reached our destination. I drove behind a wood-sided building and parked. The smell of high-octane fuel pumped me full of adrenaline as I jumped from the car. I concentrated on my task, unpacking three heavy cases of gear, trying desperately  to ignore the helicopter sitting five yards away. The helicopter I wouldn’t be riding in today. Fortunately, the cases I unpacked were full of fairly exciting gear – a camera which cost as much as a new car, lenses that blew away anything else I’d ever used, and a mini-gyro system that looked as though it belonged in a futuristic…

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