CrossFit Hottie of the Week

i like this.

Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat.

It’s time to reveal our new weekly feature: CrossFit Hottie of the Week! Oh yes. You know you love drooling and oogling hot CrossFit bods all day long. (we know you do because it’s one of the top searches on our blog…) So, we’re bringing the goods. Every Friday we’ll feature a CrossFit Hottie- someone we know, or someone we admire. And yes, we’re referring them as Hotties for their physical looks, but also because they’re just awesome people and great athletes. We were debating calling it “CrossFit All-Stars” but I really prefer to act like I’m still in 7th grade and use the term “Hottie”.

Without further ado.. our first Hottie of the Week is Ashley from Reebok CrossFit One. I’ve had the pleasure of getting go to Ashley’s Monday morning classes, and she is awesome. Her bubbly personality and energy is contagious, and she’s always there to…

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