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The end of summer is like a stoplight. All is green. You know it will change. And just when you look away, everything turns yellow. Predicting the moment of change is nearly impossible. But once the change has taken place, it’s unmistakable.

It was early morning. Two 52 watt bulbs hanging from my ceiling were the only light source available. I’d wait another 90 minutes for sunrise. But the sun was our stoplight: when it set, we had to be back at the car. So we used it as a start light, too. We departed at sunrise. After hoping, planning and waiting to secure a day outside, trailheads are a very satisfying sight. The stiff support of hiking boots felt wonderfully familiar. The air had a rosy-cheek quality to it. My pack, though, was altogether too heavy. Especially for a day hike. Nature’s stoplight had certainly changed. Green growth had halted…

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