Magnificent Multicultural Mauritius

lovely lush linguistic lands

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Living in Harmony

It wasn’t the sparkling ring of palm-treed resorts, white sandy beaches and calm turquoise seas that impressed me the most about this subtropical island off the east coast of South Africa.

And it wasn’t my first caddied golf game on the oldest golf course in the Southern Hemisphere that was the most memorable on this trip to Mauritius. (It was close, see Caddie Golf story)

It was experiencing a truly tri-lingual country.

We’ve spent billions in Canada over 40 years to create a bilingual nation with two official languages, yet according to the latest census, only 17 per cent of us are fluent in both English and French.

Here, in this dot on a map of the Indian Ocean, most of the 1.3 million residents are fluent in English, French and French-based Creole, the local spoken language. And then there’s the mother tongue language spoken by a…

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