Caddie golf on the paradise island of Mauritius

i did not move the ball at all … he did

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Mauritius Gymkhana Club the fourth oldest golf course in the world

My drive soars past coconut trees and lands on the edge of the fairway. “How far did I hit?” I ask the slim young man standing beside my bag. He glances up from my scorecard: “About 165 metres.” “What’s that in yards?” I press, testing his conversion. “About 180-181,” comes my caddie’s swift reply.

It’s our last vacation day in Mauritius, a subtropical island off the east coast of South Africa, and we’re playing a morning round of golf at the Mauritius Gymkhana Club, the oldest golf course in the Southern Hemisphere.

Although open to  tourists as well as locals, for a fraction of the resort fees, I don’t think many tourists leave the scenic ocean-side courses to come to the centre of this volcano-created island to play – at least not blonde, English-speaking Canadian women from half way…

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