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Swim to School



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excellent post. i will try to visit. looks great

a little piece of everything

I really have to say that Takayama is one of the hidden jewels in Japan, especially if you are looking for traditional Japan. It’s located in the Gifu prefecture, which is beside my presiding prefecture, Nagano. It’s located right in the Japanese Alps and thus not readily accessible. However, it can be accessed via a limited express train that goes from Nagoya to Takayama, or by bus from Matsumoto. I only found out about this city because my Japanese sensei (teacher) was born there, and highly recommended visiting the city during Hanami (Sakura blooming) season. So that’s what I did, I jumped into a car and went there on a day trip with a colleague.

I thought the city itself is very nice. The city is well-preserved and designed in the whole Edo-style streets. Many of the houses and stores in these streets uses wooden planks for constructions. I would…

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Ziplines, Turtles, and Eels, Oh My!

way to much fun. great post

Scott's Big Adventures

We almost made a critical off by one error on Monday.  As we were leaving for lunch, Melissa checked our adventure schedule and realized that the zipline tour we had scheduled for Tuesday was actually scheduled for Monday, and we need to be at the base location in a half hour.  So, we did the mad dash and actually made it with plenty of time to spare.  After a signing our lives away, we jumped in a van that took us up to the top of the hill.  The tour was operated by Skyline Eco Adventures and consisted of 8 ziplines that traversed back and forth across the mountainside.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous, having never been ziplining before.  It turned out to be a blast!  Of course, I had my helmet cam along to take videos…In this particular video, I intended to jump from the…

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Jasper Rams

these are fabulous photos. great work

Christopher Martin Photography

In Jasper we revisited the same herd of Bighorn sheep on Edith’s Knoll each day in the hopes of catching the rams smashing their horns together.  There was an element of disappointment as we were early in the rut  and the males did not seem to be ramped up yet.   However, with several hours spent less than twenty yards from these majestic beasts, it proved to be a great experience watching their interactions and their mannerisms.  Spending that kind of time with wildlife on their terms is pretty special.  These are a few of the interesting moments from the time spent up on the hill.

(please click on any image to open a higher resolution version)

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